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09 March 2015 @ 01:19 am
Oh my! Would you like to leave my dear mun some criticism? A witticism? Perhaps a bit of praise? Feel free, by all means, to indulge that desire here.

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04 June 2014 @ 11:39 pm
Why, hello there, friends! So, this is my permissions post for Xellos. It would be very great if you could copy-paste the simple form and reply with a comment!

Xellos is an evil, manipulative monster. Hoooowever, he feigns a lovely disposition, and tends to keep a lot of secrets. He's a lot of fun, really! This post, however, serves a purpose. In addition to being an evil, manipulative monster, Xellos is also a creepy bastard, and likes to stalk people! While it will be considerably harder to gather information on the boat without being noticed, he should still be able to find out enough information about your characters.

I'll explain what the information will be used for, and why I ask these random questions.Collapse )
05 June 2010 @ 01:27 am
[Xellos is not used to losing awareness of his surroundings, much less being transported against his will or knowledge.

Something else is immediately obvious—something is wrong with his body. While that is
incredibly concerning, he needs to figure out where he is, first. He won't really be able to ask questions about that without giving too much away. Being limited to his physical form is going to be ridiculously annoying to deal with. He can't concern himself with that, noooot just yet.

After some poking around the room, peering into the hallway, he glances back—and sees the communicator. He can hear people talking over the lines, and it intrigues him. Useful, certainly. The feed clicks on after a few seconds of his poking.

--teresting. Ah! Ah, there we go.

[He sounds remarkably cheery for having just been kidnapped.]

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I am? I can’t say I’m particularly used to being lost, but, well. Here I am!

Could anyone be of assistance?

((OOC: Hey, I'll get back to any tags in the morning, I've gotta go off to bed. Good night!))